Monday, June 26, 2006

A declaration of a new Pirate Party

French Pirate Party is born !
Dimanche 25 juin 2006 at 14:33

"We, French Internauts, presently observe the confiscation, by a few partisan and powerful groups, of the French Internet Domain, therefore leading to a prejudice for the vast majority of Internauts.
With the upcoming promulgation of the law about Author Rights - EUCD - , these rights being now seen as the ennemy of the network and of the internauts, we demand the abrogation of the whole set of laws that define intellectual property on the French soil and encourage the internauts to forget these notions in their everyday lives.
The party also demands the legalisation of P2P networks for non-lucrative use as a natural consequence of the suppression of the author right.
The French Pirate Party plan 6 major reforms :
1 - > Total and unlimited liberty of speech
2 - > The end of the author rights as they exist in 2006
3 - > The right to browse anonimously on Internet
4 - > The legalization of P2P Networks when used in a non-lucrative purpose
5 - > The suppression of all taxes on empty hardware
6 - > Free Internet access to all "